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Student Registration

Registration Forms/Withdrawal Procedure

Registration Forms/Withdrawal Procedure



Registration Forms to be completed by Parent/Guardian

Parents with first-time students who are to be enrolled in Regional School District #13 are required to have their address verified as the first step in registering their child for school.

Residency Verification Forms:  

Health and Immunization Records (approval from Nurse) 
If applicable, the following information will also be required:
      Current Individual Education Plan (for Special Education students)
      Proof of Guardianship
      Court Records of custody, visitation rights, parental restrictions, etc.

Parents may come to the Guidance office and sign a Release of Information form.  Any student withdrawing must go to the guidance office and secure a Student Withdrawal form.  This should be done at least two days before leaving the school.  All books are to be returned and all fees, if any, must be paid.  Each teacher will initial and enter the up-to-date grade.  Students must then return the form to the guidance office.  Student records will then be forwarded to the new school.