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Parents and Students of Strong Middle School - Intramural Volleyball Program
Strong Middle School and Regional School District 13 is offering an intramural volleyball program.  This program is not part of our Interscholastic Athletic Program offered at Strong and therefore has no participation fee, except the cost of a uniform. This year the cost is $9.00 for the tee shirts. The intramural program is aimed at providing a recreational atmosphere for all participants of the program. The program is run by staff members in the building and offered at little cost to participants. Transportation will be provided by the district in the form of a school bus.  While participants will travel to local middle schools in East Hampton, Rocky Hill, Cromwell, and Meriden - there will not be officials present at intramural volleyball games.  The games are staffed by student volunteers and Strong School staff members.
In order to participate, you and / or your child MUST have completed the following:
1. Already turned in a permission slip and $9 fee for the cost of a tee shirt to Ms. Smith at Strong Middle School.
2. Parents MUST complete the Family ID registration (unique to Intramural Volleyball) PRIOR to practicing on Monday February 10th.
3. Submit a valid physical examination to the School Nurse BEFORE participation.  
  • If your student has already submitted a valid physical examination with the school nurse, then this will be used for Intramural Volleyball and no additional paperwork will be required.  If you have NOT submitted a physical examination to the school Nurse, your child will not be eligible to participate in the Intramural Volleyball program until this is submitted. Forms for a physical examination can be found online.
If you have any questions regarding the Strong Middle School Intramural Volleyball program, please contact feel free to contact me.
Meg Smith
8th Grade Social Studies
8th Grade Co-team Leader
Frank Ward Strong Middle School
Regional School District 13
191 Main Street | Durham, CT 06422
O: 860.349.7257 |
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