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Summer Learning 2024

Summer Learning 2024

June 3, 2024

Dear Parents,

The Strong English Language Arts Department requires that all incoming 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students complete a summer learning assignment.  The students were provided details from their ELA teachers before leaving for the summer.  All summer learning assignments are under announcements on the Strong Middle School website. Click Academics and then Summer Learning 2024.  The students are to complete the assignment called RECH. While reading a novel of their choice is one component of the assignment, this creative analysis allows the students to explore their world and “read” their experiences. Students must choose two from the options below.  The following are the options for their summer learning.

R= Reading: a novel of their choice either fiction or nonfiction.
E= Entertainment: listen to TED talks, documentaries, films, plays, musicals, etc.
C= Current Events: newspaper articles, magazines, articles on newsela or Time for     Kids.
H= History: Trips to historical sites, museums, monuments, Renaissance fairs, etc.

As students return to school in the fall, they should be prepared to share one aspect of their Summer Learning activity. They should come prepared to discuss what they learned. The attached template will help you prepare for what you need to share.  Template.  This will be shared in their ELA classes during the first few days of school. The local libraries are hosting the Governor’s Reading Challenge if your child would like to participate.


Strong ELA Department
Kim Mach
Valerie Leeds
Amy Ryan
Gina Lentini
Summer learning template

Summer learning template

Summer Learning Template ( this should take 30-60 seconds to talk about)

  • Introduce yourself

  •  Which aspect are you presenting RECH?

  •  Describe briefly your summer learning experience ( what did you do, where did you go, what did you read, and what did you learn?   

 Why is it important to you?