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Honor Roll RequirementsTop of Page

 Outstanding work in all areas is recognized by an honor roll that is published each trimester.  All subjects are included in determining honor roll status.


High Honor Roll:  all "A's" with one "B+"

Honor Roll: all "A's" and "B's" with one "C+"

Report Card/Grading KeyTop of Page

Grade Range:     


A+           97-100                   C+           77-79

A             93-96                     C             73-76

A-            90-92                     C-            70-72

B+           87-89                     D+           67-69

B             83-86                     D             63-66

B-            80-82                     D-            60-62

        F             59 AND BELOW

Lifelong Learning Benchmarks

Key:       4 = Consistently                  3 = Frequently                     2 = Occasionally                1 = Rarely


Demonstrates Responsible Behavior (LG1)

                Accepts responsibility for actions

·         Responds to feedback constructively

·         Demonstrates self-control

·         Modifies behavior willingly


Demonstrates respect for others

·         Allows others to express opinions without interruption or put downs

·         Works well with everyone


Follows rules and routines

·         Follows school rules and routines

·         Follows classroom rules and routines


Interacts Effectively with Others (LG2)

                Communicates effectively and appropriately

·         Uses appropriate and respectful language

·         Uses clear, articulate, and audible speech

·         Works to be understood


Listens attentively

·         Uses appropriate and respectful body language such as leaning toward the speaker, making eye contact, etc.

·         Responds on track with the conversation

·         Builds on ideas in the conversation or presents evidence for disagreement


Demonstrates Responsibility for Learning (LG3)

            Monitors and modifies own progress to produce quality work

·         Self-evaluation corresponds to actual performance in work

·         Self-evaluation leads to changes for improvement

·         Sets performance goals every trimester and demonstrates effort to achieve goals


Is prepared and organized

·         Is prepared for class with proper materials

·         Manages time so that work is done neatly, completely, and when due