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Strong Latin Students Take a Stand on Unfair Labor

Magistra Reddick's 7th grade Latin students learned about slavery in ancient Rome and researched unethical labor practices in the modern world. They looked at the labels of their favorite and commonly-used products to discover where these products were manufactured and locate them on the map. Next, they researched the labor practices in these countries, focusing particularly on conditions in the factories where the products were made. Happily, they discovered that many of their favorite brands were taking meaningful steps to oversee their supplier and ensure compliance with fair labor standards; however, several companies were still coming up short. 

The students were energized by their findings and decided to use to start a petition urging Nike to "choose factories with fair labor practices and inspect those factories regularly." They hope to gather enough signatures to draw a response from the company and support from local, state and federal officials. Click the links below for more information.

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Strong School Scoop-Winter 2014

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Student /Parent Handbook 2013/14

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Emergency Closing Letter--School Year 2013/14

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